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Question 1 Nailed it! Nope :(

What’s your approach to social media?

Question 2 Nailed it! Nope :(

What’s in your monthly email newsletters?

Question 3 Nailed it! Nope :(

What’s your biggest blue-sky marketing wish?

Question 4 Nailed it! Nope :(

How do you feel about your marketing budget?

Question 5 Nailed it! Nope :(

What’s missing on your company’s website?

You’re a Stage 5 Clinger

Woah there, wild thing! Your marketing style is very forward, which might leave your audience wanting some time apart.

We love that you’re enthusiastic about marketing. That said, it’s less important to cast a wide net and more critical to spend quality time (and money) with a captive audience. Ask yourself what purpose your content serves for buyers: does it solve one of their major pain points or save them money? Make sure you clearly communicate the value to your reader.

And look, if we say we’ll call you tomorrow, we’ll CALL you!

Call me, please
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You’re Forever Alone

Poor you! You’re never going to make friends (or generate leads) with that attitude. We hope you have plenty of cats to keep you company at home.

Jokes aside, we get that you may not have the time, budget or energy for all that marketing razzmatazz. All that means is you need the most bang for your B2B marketing buck. The first step is to assess your business to see where you would benefit most, whether it’s a pre-tradeshow campaign, regular blog content, a website overhaul, print ads or something special just for you.

If you need company — that is, a helping hand — feel free to let us know.

Help me out
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You’re Fun but Flighty

Ooh, shiny! You have your eyes on the latest technology, always thinking about how it can boost your marketing strategy, but sometimes you get over-excited and bite off more than you can chew.

We get distracted by shiny, new tech all the time (like this and this and ohmygosh THIS). Our heartfelt advice to you: go for it! We love designing animated infographics, interactive tools and even VR experiences. The key is to follow through on your ideas with careful planning, solid execution and post-launch analytics to track the results.

Look, there goes a new opportunity! Let’s catch it together.

Let’s go
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You’re the Marketer-Next-Door

Oh, you. You’re a well-rounded marketer with lots of lovable qualities: dependable, hardworking and open-minded. You really are a great catch!

If you ask us, you’re in a great position to experiment with new, exciting marketing strategies. Want to create a high-tech landing page to promote your new product? Maybe a website upgrade with better lead generation tools? Whatever you choose, make sure you have a reliable team to support your efforts and track your results.

There are so many possibilities to explore. Go get ‘em, tiger!

Let’s explore
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