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Social video strategy from creator of decade’s most viral ad

“Viral video is dead,” says the guy who made a viral ad for Turkish Airlines that shattered records with 145 million views. The creator is already developing a new, more sustainable formula brands can use to build social media hype. Read about it on Hootsuite.

Do’s and don’ts from the GDPR email flood

When GDPR took effect a few weeks ago, our collective inboxes overflowed with emails prompted by the European data protection and privacy law. Content Marketing Institute came up with six email marketing lessons gleaned from the annoying, ineffective, or just plain bad emails they read in the weeks after GDPR took effect.

Pick and choose tradeshows for better opportunities

Plenty of B2B marketers rely on tradeshows and other live events as a major marketing channel for their company. Webbiquity recommends choosing your events wisely, offering this guide to researching and evaluating tradeshows to find the most strategic fit for your company.

Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma chameleon

When you’re a comma chameleon, punctuation comes and goes. Copyblogger encourages writers to stop underusing (and overusing!) commas. These bad habits break the flow of sentences and make your copy look sloppy, so read their advice on sticking to the basics of punctuation for more effective writing.