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B2B email marketing strategies

In a recent report, Litmus found that email marketing was the most effective marketing channel, with 39% deeming it “very critical” to the success of a company. Forbes follows up with several strategies to think about when getting email marketing right.

TikTok's B2B potential

The impact of social media in B2B marketing shouldn’t be understated. Insider Intelligence presents the facts about TikTok’s potential, sharing that the platform presents the opportunity to experiment with entertaining B2B content, is already home to B2B influencers, and better appeals to a changing B2B buyer.

Rethink the meaning of lead generation

It’s easy to be swept into the optimism of marketing budgets being back on the rise, but The Drum says B2B brands “would be wiser to spend more on brand awareness campaigns that are memorable due to emotive, risk-taking creative, and allocating more marketing budget to the customer success team.”

Improve your accessibility with internal linking

Internal linking is an important tool for SEO, connecting websites and boosting visibility. It’s also vital in creating a user-friendly website experience. Search Engine Land shares a guide on how you can lead with accessibility when introducing internal linking.

How has the B2B industry changed?

Explore the biggest shifts the Motum B2B team noticed in 2023.