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Creating great customers

While you've likely gone through the process of asking who your ideal customer is, MarketingProfs looks at the questions you should be asking to figure out what makes them great. Naturally, as part of that process, it also gives thought to what makes a dissatisfied customer.

The power of repurposing content

Recently, we talked about how to repurpose content with purpose, offering strategies to get maximum mileage from your content. Search Engine Land continues the conversation, sharing tips on breathing new life into existing assets like assessing your high-performing content and targeting new audiences.

What’s keeping B2B CMOs awake?

There's no doubt the B2B sector is undergoing change, both in terms of how B2B brands should be marketed and how B2B buyers are finding answers to their pain points. Forbes asks CMOs what’s keeping them awake at night before explaining how we can move forward with resilience.

A new future for work

New research from Salesforce shares that a surprisingly high 77% of workers say they will eventually trust a fully AI-powered future. It also shares that writing code, uncovering data insights, and providing internal or external communications are the three tasks that workers most trust AI to handle. WorkLife has all the details.

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Continue elevating your content

Whether you're repurposing a feature or creating something new, it's important to get the visuals right. Check out our tips on using stock libraries.