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Report: What drives more revenue in B2B marketing?

A recent report polled B2B marketers to see which marketing channels they credit with driving the most revenue. Social media, content marketing, and email were the top 3 – KoMarketing breaks down some of the key findings.

Top 3 B2B video marketing concerns

Video has the power to drive more purchases of a B2B product, but only if it’s done right. MarTechSeries shares 3 common pitfalls in video marketing and how to avoid them.

To improve brand experience, start at the end

Great mystery novels are written with the ending in mind, working backwards to create the larger story. Marketing content is pretty similar, according to AdWeek, and we should work backwards from our goals to craft an engaging customer journey.

PBR-themed motel rooms are a portal to the 80s

A new marketing collaboration between Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) and a historic Michigan motel transports visitors back to the 80s with themed rooms. MarketingDive explains the campaign and how it fits into the brand’s larger platform.

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