How to spend your B2B paid media budget

Prioritize first-party data, invest in always-on advertising, and make a lasting impression with creative ad concepts – these are just a few of the tips Forrester shares to maximize your B2B paid media budget in 2022.

Don’t even think about using a B2B marketing template!

Apparently some agencies sell templated campaigns to different clients, which just seems silly to creative folks like us. But apparently it happens, and an opinion piece in The Drum explains how templates impede personalization…and take the fun out of marketing.

Many brands need to fill a data and analytics skills gap

One third of marketing brands say their businesses are looking to fill a skills gap in data and analytics, according to a survey described in MarketingWeek. This is the first article in a series about the analytics talent issue and what it means for marketers.

Graphic design trends for 2022

Hooray, more annual trends! Even if you’re tired of reading about what’s all the rage in marketing, you’re likely to find some sparkly, shiny design inspiration in this Behance presentation.