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To boost B2B marketing in 2024, use competitor insights

To fine-tune your B2B marketing strategy this year, Forbes recommends thinking about your product or service positioning, sales tactics, and best practices for content and content channels. Read their tips to make marketing more personal by leveraging competitor insights.

The shift to intergenerational marketing

Americans over the age of 60 will soon become the largest consumer group in terms of income. While marketers may be tempted to refocus all their efforts on the older generation, Harvard Business Review recommends taking an intergenerational approach to marketing, which includes avoiding generalizations about different age groups.

Ad creatives share their top (and bottom) Super Bowl picks

While Temu’s lackluster Super Bowl ads fell flat for the advertising creatives interviewed in Marketing Brew, some of their favorites included Reese’s, Verizon, and CeraVe. Find out what they found most memorable about those standout ads.

Is jargon getting in the way of good marketing?

Mental availability, category heuristics, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – does anyone know what these words mean? If they’re just about sounding smart, like in the Mary Poppins song, jargon terms probably aren’t that helpful to the marketing profession, according to an opinion piece in Marketing Week.

Want some even bigger examples of powerful advertising?

Read about 5 historical campaigns that shaped society.