What are buyers looking for on your B2B website?

Your website is the first stop in the buyer’s journey for the majority of customers, so it’s important to make sure all the necessary elements are there. In addition to basic service descriptions and case studies, more customers are taking a closer look at extras like news items, videos and podcasts. Visit Hubspot to see the 10 most important web page elements as ranked by B2B buyers.

Bridging the gap between marketing and sales

Marketing and sales teams have to work together to achieve a harmonized strategy and strong results, but all too often they’re treated as separate entities. Investing in the right processes, encouraging collaboration and putting them in the same space can help bring both teams together, according to Webbiquity.

The investigative powers of AI in action

Have you ever seen an ad for a product that was a little bit too accurate and got the eerie feeling that your phone or computer is listening to you? You can thank AI for that. Researchers found Facebook is capable of predicting an individual’s preferences more accurately than coworkers, friends and even siblings – as long as it has enough data. Take a look at Inc.