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What a B2B buyer wants, what a B2B buyer needs

Whatever makes them happy sets you free. CMSWire shares some data on how B2B journeys have changed in the past few years – and how your marketing strategy can pivot to give buyers what they really want.

4 tips to build a B2B portal

Portals can’t take your business to another dimension, but they’re a great way to connect your customers, vendors, and suppliers. (By the way, did you know we build portals too?) Telemedia Online shares 4 practical tips to create a portal that helps your business grow online.

Core web vitals for B2B marketers

Past reports have shown that website load speeds have a significant impact on conversion rates. MarTech Series shares more core web vitals all B2B marketers should know to properly measure their website’s performance.

Harmonize your SEO and B2B marketing goals

From brand and style guides to content calendars, Search Engine Journal identifies 4 ways to make sure your SEO strategy is balanced with your B2B marketing objectives.

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