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B2B buyers don’t want to talk anymore, and that’s okay

All the latest reports about B2B buying behaviour are pretty conclusive: most B2B buyers would rather do the majority of their info-gathering online before ever contacting sales. CMSWire discusses how marketers can embrace this trend by providing helpful content up-front.

How to turn your company story into the perfect video

Videos showcasing your company’s story are excellent at attracting talent, communicating your brand’s identity, and giving potential customers a strong idea of your company’s values and strengths. Check out MarketingProfs for a guide to effective company story videos.

Simple email management tips for B2B marketers

As B2B marketers, we spend a lot of time in that pesky ol' inbox. MarTech Series explains how to manage your email time effectively by setting response windows, turning off notifications, setting boundaries, using tech tools, and setting up filters.

Adapt to ad engagement trends set by Gen Z and Millennials

Younger generations consume media differently – they seek out dynamic experiences and authentic, human connections. A sponsored article in AdWeek sheds light on these trends and how they impact the advertising space.