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B2B: Thriving in the face of threats

Faced with challenges like political instability and inflation, B2B businesses are on the lookout for a silver lining. The Drum shares 5 tips to help B2B marketers foster creativity and thrive in the current landscape.

New report on the rise of B2B Tech Challengers

Midsize B2B tech brands, called Tech Challengers in a new LinkedIn report, need to stretch their marketing budgets with increasing agility and creativity. Social Media Today analyzes the report’s findings and summarizes its main takeaways.

Target buyers’ values, not demos

Demographic targeting tends to generalize audiences based on categories like age, gender, and ethnicity. Marketing News Canada says we can push this further by targeting values and individual preferences – a concept called value targeting.

6 ways blogs boost marketing and SEO efforts

Blog posts build loyalty and trust among your audience, create brand awareness, and generate new leads – these are just a few of the reasons Search Engine Journal recommends you keep blogging on a regular basis.

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