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What keeps B2B content marketers awake at night?

Marketing Mag finds the top challenges faced by B2B marketers include creating the right content for the right audience, creating content consistently, and differentiating that content. They share some tips on how to tackle these issues head-on.

A modern B2B marketing playbook

According to CMSWire, B2B marketers need to shift their perspective to long-term strategies, data-driven differentiation, and thought leadership for sustained success and brand awareness.

Trends from award-winning creative

Creative Review recently announced the winners of its Annual Awards, which aim to showcase the best and brightest of the commercial creative industry. They summed up the most notable trends and observations about the winning entries.

Be ready to face these 5 marketing challenges

It’s important to invest in new tools and technologies, but Entrepreneur emphasizes the need to craft careful strategies to anticipate change. They outline five obstacles every marketer should prepare to face in 2024 and beyond.

Want more content marketing insights?

We discussed what it really means to humanize content here.