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Turn B2B buyers into brand advocates

We hear about it all the time at Motum: when B2B companies go above and beyond for buyers right from the get-go, buyers are more than willing to say nice things about them in a testimonial or case study. Forbes explains how to start the sales process off right and develop brand advocates who will sing your praises.

5 stats sum up the future of marketing

The importance of customer experience, data sources and artificial intelligence will all play a big role in shaping the future marketing landscape, according to the Pardot blog. Find out how these five statistics could impact the way you plan your next campaign.

Rank higher with 6 SEO facts

To ramp up your digital presence, the Webbiquity blog suggests focusing on six critical aspects of your SEO strategy. Read on to learn fast facts about the SEO impact of video content, mobile friendliness, content length and more.

The night is dark and full of cookies

Just in case you thought the stream of ridiculously elaborate marketing campaigns ended at April Fool’s Day, here’s a stop-motion recreation of the Game of Thrones title sequence. With Oreos. Check out the full video, and the details of the campaign, at The Drum.