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Boost ROI this year with 3 B2B marketing channels

Email marketing, search and digital ads, and public relations will all play a huge role in driving ROI for B2B marketers in 2023. Forbes explains how these 3 channels can help focus your marketing efforts in times of economic uncertainty.

How user experience impacts SEO

User experience (UX) affects how users gather information, interact with your website content, and perceive the look and feel of your website. The effectiveness of these UX elements have a huge impact on SEO, as Search Engine Journal explains.

The state of email marketing in 5 charts

If you need a bit more data to inform your email marketing strategy this year, Insider Intelligence shares a series of 5 charts summarizing how B2B email marketers and recipients feel about it.

Which comes first: Website content or design?

It’s the old chicken-before-the-egg question, but for website development: should your team create copy first or start with the design phase? Entrepreneur says there’s a delicate balance to strike.