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Paid search tips for B2B marketers

Looking to drive more B2B leads? Search Engine Journal recommends paid search tactics like prequalifying users with ad copy, combining audiences, and choosing problem-focused keywords, to name a few.

The shrinking distinction between B2B and B2C

There’s definitely some overlap in the worlds of B2B and B2C marketing, along with some very important differences, but a panel of experts in The Drum sat down to discuss how wide that gap really is.

Write better website content with these tips

At Motum B2B, we’re big proponents of short, snappy website content. Entrepreneur offers tips to improve your website writing efforts with compact content, multimedia aspects and more.

The story of Lego’s 90-year legacy

As Lego celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, Marketing Dive shares the history of this iconic brand, its lasting legacy and its ambitions for the future.