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Watch for these 7 B2B marketing trends in 2021

With 2020 approaching its end (thankfully), B2B marketers are looking at the most important and influential global trends expected in 2021. Along with increasingly mobile and self-directed buyer journeys, expect to see a greater focus on regional language and content, according to Customer Think.

What is profit-per-click in marketing?

You’ve heard of cost-per-click and conversion rates, but profit-per-click takes these metrics a step farther by bringing in transaction costs, gross revenue and cost of goods sold into the mix. Find out how to calculate profit-per-click and why it’s important at Search Engine Journal.

Reducing AI’s carbon footprint

Artificial intelligence (AI) may have near-limitless capabilities, but training it can create a huge carbon footprint. The specialized hardware required for AI to “learn” requires a lot of energy use. Fast Company explains how computer scientists are working to increase efficiency.

Local restaurants get free advertising from… Burger King?

It’s well-known that local restaurants are struggling due to the pandemic, but what is surprising is that mega-chain Burger King is stepping up to help by offering free media advertising to small eateries in the UK. Take a look at The Drum.