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What does your brand sound like?

With more music and sound research tools available for brands to leverage than ever before, Adweek investigates the importance of sound in strategy and why sonic branding is key for an organization’s identity.

Analyzing the complexities of intent data

While data is useful and a proven way of measuring your brand’s successes, MarTech discusses the importance of repositioning intent data so you know what it can and can’t do for a marketing program. It also talks about where to focus it, from building awareness to doubling down on value.

Investing in brand over performance

MarketingWeek says the moment is approaching when B2B brands realize they should invest more in brand than performance. As the feature reads, “once upon a time, B2B brand building existed mostly in books and whitepapers. Now it’s on the air and in the feed, converting future buyers into future cash flows for brands of all shapes and sizes. B2B isn’t all boring anymore. It’s clever, distinctive, and memorable.”

Making the most of Meta

As with any social media platform, Meta is constantly on the move, making updates to the way its tools and algorithms work. Search Engine Land covers the five best practices to maximize your Meta advertising ROI in 2024.

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