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Pandemic proves to be a challenge for B2B marketers

A recent study found 35% of B2B marketers had difficulty producing enough engaging content in 2020. The study, which surveyed more than 600 B2B tech marketers found not enough focus was being placed on SEO, an important marketing tool in a remote world. Learn more at The Drum.

Adapting to shifts in the marketing landscape

The uncertainty of the past few months have pushed some major changes in the marketing world, forcing marketers to adapt swiftly with their digital strategies. Be on the lookout for these 5 shifts detailed in Search Engine Journal.

What big brands are doing for World Mental Health Day

In support of World mental Health Day on October 10th, a number of brands have created campaigns to bring awareness and support to those suffering from mental health issues, but they don’t all hit the mark. Check them out and decide for yourself at The Drum.

4 ways Zoom could be better

Despite its explosion in popularity earlier in the year, Zoom doesn’t really do anything to differentiate itself from other video calling applications. What if Zoom calls were more interactive, more collaborative or enabled non-verbal communication? Fast Company explains what Zoom could do better.