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It’s time to shake up B2B sales and marketing

B2B sales and marketing teams have traditionally operated in a linear manner, with marketing attracting leads before sending them over to the sales team for more personal interactions with the goal of conversion. Today, however, more B2B buyers rely heavily on digital information to support them across their entire buying journey, according to Harvard Business Review.

Lessons to learn from the turbulence of Tumblr

Once one of the largest social media platforms, Tumblr has had its fair share of hardships, including poor leadership and lack of direction, that caused a sharp decline in users. Some, however, believe that Tumblr is coming back better than ever. Learn why at Mashable.

Business trends from the pandemic that are here to stay

The digitalization trends that started with the pandemic aren’t going away anytime soon. Customers are more likely to try new things, more accepting of fully digital purchasing, and we’ve seen significant growth in influencer marketing. Check out some more trends at Inc.