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Get more revenue from your B2B site with these tips

Marketing efficiency is important, so finding low-cost methods to generate leads is a priority for most marketing professionals. Your website can be the most cost-effective way to gain new business, but you need the right tools to be successful. Learn how you can use heat-maps, IP tracking technology and more to convert web traffic in this article from Marketing Week.

Strategizing in uncertain times

Making smart business decisions may seem daunting or even downright impossible in these turbulent times, but setting clear goals, remaining flexible and focusing on stability can help. Watch this short video from Inc to learn how to make the right decisions for your business.

How remote work improves workplace diversity

The explosive growth of remote-work policies can have a positive impact on workplace diversity. Remote work allows job candidates to bring their unique perspectives from different locations and backgrounds to a company, benefiting performance aspects and promoting new ideas. Visit Fast Company to learn more.

Pokémon Go is back

Remember the good ole’ days when Pokémon Go came out? No lockdown, no virus, just you and your friends searching for the nearest Charizard. Relive some of the nostalgia with this playful video at Ads of the World.