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Inbound marketing may produce better leads, customer relationships

Inbound marketing, which includes blogs, social media, newsletters, infographics, and more, attracts customers through quality content that’s relevant to them. As the buyer’s journey becomes more complex and less linear, B2B marketers should focus on these tactics to build relationships before the first interaction with the buyer, according to Media Update.

What is agile content marketing?

If you want your content marketing team to be more productive and connected, it might be time to try agile marketing. The practice promotes combining collaboration, experimentation, efficiency and other attributes to focus resources on and complete high-value projects. Content Marketing Institute shares some tips to make your team more agile.

Google Search is getting worse, according to some

A recent Reddit thread found that many users are unsatisfied by what they’re seeing on Google’s SERP (search engine results page), a sentiment backed by Twitter users as well. But what’s causing the drop in quality – is it the content itself, or Google’s algorithm? Search Engine Journal investigates.

Why you may start seeing more ads in video games

If you’re a gamer, you know that video games are one of the few remaining entertainment mediums that don’t incorporate advertising (for the most part). That may soon change, according to Fast Company, as companies look for new ways to generate revenue.