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20 ads that made creatives green with envy

Have you ever seen a great ad and thought, “Dang, I wish I had thought of that?” That’s the premise behind AdWeek’s Jealous List, which asks agency creatives to share their favourite ads of the year. Besides many Barbie stans, the 2023 list includes standout picks from Heinz, Apple, and Hilton Hotels.

6 B2B trends for marketing success in 2024

Managing upper-funnel expectations, personalizing experiences, and a shift away from hyper-targeting are some of the trends Search Engine Land predicts will be key indicators of B2B marketing success in 2024.

Is the ad industry prepped for third-party cookie deprecation?

This Digiday video says no, the larger ad industry is not ready, and it still might not be if Google continues its plan to deprecate third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of next year. Find out what steps executives say the industry will need to take to be fully prepared.

The bureaucracy of email opt-outs

Since we're in a visual mood today, here’s Marketoonist’s latest cartoon, along with some words of wisdom about permission marketing. It’s all about the importance of giving your audience a clear, fast way to opt out of email newsletters — and viewing their choice to stay as a precious asset.

Did you see our 2023 takeaways?

Find out what big industry shifts our marketing team noticed this year.