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A case for compelling B2B content

After a recent report concluded that the more B2B content an audience consumes, the more likely they are to make a purchase decision, Forbes outlines what content B2B customers want to see, and what specific content formats came out on top.

Another week, another ChatGPT conversation

We’re talking about ChatGPT a lot, and it’s likely you are too. In the first part of a longer series, B2B Marketing looks at some of the challenges and opportunities ChatGPT presents, and how it could impact B2B marketers.

Paid media strategies with proven results

Search Engine Land shares four paid media initiatives with proven results for B2B brands, from getting serious about introducing video to campaigns to making the most of customer feedback.

LinkedIn’s next career move

B2B organizations know the importance of LinkedIn in both building your brand and getting your success stories heard. As the platform celebrates its 20th birthday, Wired looks at its ups and downs, and what the company’s ambitions are for the future.