What effective B2B marketing campaigns have in common

By combining creativity, dedication and a customer-focused approach, these 5 companies created B2B marketing campaigns that resonated with their audience and boosted leads. Check them out at Martech Cube.

The rules of creating a memorable brand

Did you know that American consumers typically buy the same 150 items that make up about 85% of their household needs – and that 75% of products introduced to the market fail every year? Creating a memorable brand to differentiate yourself is more important than ever before. These 5 tips from PRWeb can help.

How to get customers to say ‘yes’ to case studies

Case studies can be a win-win for both a company and their customers, but getting them to agree to one can be difficult. Giving them clear benefits and addressing their concerns can get you closer to a “yes,” according to Business 2 Community.

Say hi to the new Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head has had a long and humorous history since his introduction in 1952. Now, Hasbro is looking to revitalize the toy by dropping the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” titles to break from traditional gender norms, allowing children to create their own Potato Head family – whatever that may look like to them. Read the fascinating story of Mr. Potato Head and Hasbro’s rebrand at Fast Company.