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Use these tips to get more B2B leads from Instagram stories

Instagram’s Stories feature has exploded in popularity since its launch in 2016, and its usefulness in B2B marketing is gaining traction as well. Stories has a surprisingly deep list of features, from interactive polls and surveys to animated gifs, stickers and countdowns. Learn how to leverage them at Search Engine Watch.

Google threatens to leave Australia over new policy

New legislature could force Google to pay to link to websites it lists in search results, which Google says breaks a fundamental principle of how the web works. While the Australian market is small compared to the U.S and Europe, the decision could set a new precedent and change the way the web works, according to Search Engine Land.

Is it time to leave the 5-day workweek behind?

The 5-day workweek has been in place for over a hundred years now, but productivity steadily decreases throughout the week to reach its lowest point on Friday. It seems a 10-hour 4-day workweek isn’t the answer either. So, what is? Fast Company investigates.