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Inside the mind of a clickbait writer

We found an article in Adweek that breaks down the essentials of a clickbait writing strategy — in other words, a headline designed to get clicks with sensationalist rhetoric. The article is meant to teach readers how to think more critically about the stories they click on, but it’s also a good lesson to help content creators steer clear of misleading, melodramatic headlines.

Get a jumpstart on advertising with these 7 PPC campaign ideas

Need some inspiration for a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign you can get started on right away? Search Engine Journal shares seven out-of-the-box ideas to consider.

What’s up with the LinkedIn algorithm changes?

LinkedIn updated its algorithm earlier this summer to prioritize industry-specific conversations over top-trending content, which has big implications for B2B marketers. The Skyword blog breaks down the changes to help you understand what you can do to keep boosting engagement.

19 creative examples of Instagram Story marketing

Wait, what is an Instagram Story again? Don’t worry: HubSpot has you covered with an explanation of the concept and 19 examples of brands using Stories to their most creative potential.