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Check out new LinkedIn Carousel Ads for B2B marketers

Catching up with its social media counterparts, LinkedIn has launched Carousel Ads to let advertisers customize ads comprised of up to 10 swipeable cards. Marketing Tech News reports on the new feature and what it can do for your B2B brand.

Sorting through the riff-raff in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal, but you get more bang for your buck when you configure the platform for proper data filtering. Moz walks you through the process of weeding out spam, bots and other junk traffic.

Making sure your emails reach their targets

Email consistently delivers a high ROI for marketers compared to other channels, and oftentimes businesses prefer to communicate via email. Entrepreneur shares some simple, practical tips to ensure your email marketing campaign makes it to the right inboxes.

Making an impression with color and typography (Infographic)

Should you arbitrarily mix serif and sans serif fonts for emphasis? Well, you could, but we don’t recommend it. (We recently saw an example of this and the effect was anxiety-inducing.) For more design tips, check out Marketing Profs’ infographic to learn how color and typography choices can influence your audience.