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7 quality B2B product videos (and what we can learn from them)

As B2B companies continue looking to video as an effective means of storytelling, it’s important to ensure you’re differentiating yourself from the crowd. MarketingProfs shares seven successful B2B videos and what they do so well.

Are you ready for AI regulation?

As AI continues to integrate itself into our daily lives and the opportunities and challenges become more apparent, lawmakers and industry leaders are calling on governments to introduce regulations. The Drum outlines who’s already doing what around the world, and how AI regulation may shape up in the coming months.

UX and better content creation

Creating engaging, compelling online content is as much about how it navigates as what it says. By providing users with an experience that’s streamlined, content will feel elevated and more impactful. Martech unpacks seven critical UX principles to improve your content output.

Changes to Google Ads

After months of trials, Google Ads has started rolling out its new design. Search Engine Land outlines what’s new, why it’s important, and when everyone can expect to see the changes.

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