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How data fuels your marketing strategy

Your company’s data is more than just a bunch of cold, hard facts: it’s also fodder for your creative process. Marketing Week explains the many qualities of data-driven marketing.

To help users land, kick page speed up a notch

Considering 53 per cent of users bounce after waiting three seconds for a page to load, fast and responsive landing pages are critical to a campaign’s success. Martech Zone demonstrates the importance of page speed and explains how to improve yours.

The future of SEO & progressive web apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) give users the experience of a native app while continuing to work offline or on spotty networks — perfect in the B2B brand’s natural habitat, the tradeshow. The Moz blog has a detailed (albeit technical) breakdown of PWAs and their SEO implications.

Tweet like a modern brand

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, but how do you make sure you’re not screaming into the void? HubSpot has a comprehensive guide to building a Twitter marketing strategy, using the platform for business and maximizing success with 13 handy tips.