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Designing an effective B2B homepage

For any business, having a well-designed homepage is crucial. Not only is it the defining moment that highlights or hinders the customer experience but is, for a lot of people, a vital first impression. Forbes outlines 5 things B2B businesses should be thinking about when it comes to putting together a homepage that works as it should.

Charting the evolution of B2B marketing

Naturally, B2B has changed over the last years. Insider Intelligence brings together a series of infographics documenting those changes with some interesting insights, from what’s influencing decisions before accepting a B2B sales meeting to how much B2B marketing technology spend has increased.

LinkedIn’s guide to B2B marketing KPIs

Recently, LinkedIn published a guide on the 10 most common B2B marketing KPIs and how to use them. The round-up looks at the process of setting KPIs for your campaign, 10 of the most common KPIs, and how they can measure, communicate, and improve the success of those campaigns.

Analyzing the Super Bowl marketing wins

Despite the volatility of current markets, advertising spend at the Super Bowl was as prevalent and consistent as ever. Following the event, The Drum’s panel of experts share their favourite and most impactful commercials from the night.