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B2B digital marketing budgets set to grow in 2023

In a recent survey of B2B marketing executives, 70% expect digital marketing budgets to increase this year, and 79% expect to implement AI tools in their strategies. MarTech shares more insightful stats from the study.

When should you expand your B2B paid media portfolio?

Assess how ready you are for change, analyze your target audience, design a test and measurement plan, and embrace innovation – these are four things Search Engine Land recommends you consider before diversifying your B2B paid media portfolio.

Content marketing and the magic of storytelling

The craft of storytelling activates parts of the brain in ways that other marketing approaches don’t – particularly the emotional center. BBN Times discusses why storytelling is such a crucial aspect of content marketing and explains how to do it right.

New Generative Fill tool joins Adobe’s roster

Adobe plans to expand the release of its new AI tool, Generative Fill, in the second half of 2023. The time-saving tool lets users enter text prompts to add, extend, or remove objects from existing images, as AdWeek explains.