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Young B2B buyers are wary of sales calls

Many millennial and Gen Z buyers in the B2B space would much rather self-serve online than pick up a sales call, says a recent survey. Digital Commerce 360 breaks down the findings and shares a super-creepy infographic for Halloween.

Should B2B marketers pivot to buyer-centric strategies?

Picking up on similar themes from the previous article, MarTech believes B2B marketing should shift towards engaging with buyers and accounts, rather than focusing solely on MQLs.

Write B2B content for readers, not robots

According to an opinion piece in The Drum, B2B has a content problem: an estimated “shit-ton” of content (their words, not ours) and very few stories with actual entertainment value. The key is quality content that entertains and informs.

Spooky, scary marketing campaigns for Halloween

Collapsing floors, ketchup blood, and burger-loving killer clowns – these spooky Halloween marketing campaigns have it all. Check them out on Prolific North…if you dare.