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Finding value in B2C campaigns

Forbes brings together insight from 14 experts on how B2B marketers can look to B2C campaigns for inspiration. They cover topics like going beyond features and benefits to convey trust and using emotional appeal and storytelling to foster loyalty.

An introduction to different content types

Content is an effective way to attract and retain customers, but the more you understand where to use it, the more impact it will have. MarketingProfs guides us through four B2B content types and the best time to use them, like using educational content for awareness or testimonials and social proof to close a deal.

Using data to drive B2B leads

Thanks to digital tools and data, lead generation for B2B has undergone a lot of change over the years. MarTech looks at what exactly a ‘lead’ means in modern marketing and how data can be used to guide outreach.

A case for more playful B2B campaigns

With a belief that there’s more room for fun in B2B marketing, The Drum asks readers to step away from talking about business all the time and, instead, take some time to look at “play and adventure,” saying it “provides a creative wrapper that enhances the experience and can make it more memorable.”

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