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Stats: B2B buyers want transparency and consistency

A recent report outlined B2B buyer pain points when dealing with technology vendors. MarTech says they often experience issues with inconsistent product or service information, difficulty connecting with support teams, and understanding how products would meet their business’ needs.

Rethinking B2B’s traditional funnel model

As B2B buyers spend more time online and less with in-person salespeople, Foundry says it’s time to shake up the traditional sales funnel template. Check out its tips and supporting research explaining why B2B businesses need to embrace the digital realm and adopt a customer-centric model.

A minimalist approach to UI/UX design

A cleaner, more streamlined approach to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design improves user engagement, augments visual appeal, and boosts accessibility, according to HACKREAD. Find out how “less is more” UI/UX design creates a more positive experience on websites and apps.

5 UI/UX trends that marked 2023

This year, designers focused on elevating the user experience with smoother cross-device transitions, data visualization and storytelling, inclusive designs, immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences, and designs tailored for wearable tech like smartwatches. Get the details at Creative Bloq.

Want to learn more about UI/UX?

Find out what they are and how they affect B2B conversions.