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Get more out of your sponsorships and partnerships

Sponsorships and partnerships are tried-and-true reach extenders, but if you’re only getting linkbacks, you’re missing opportunities. Search Engine Journal says marketers should get involved in sponsorship talks early to get the most benefit, and maybe some cool perks too.

Every piece of content has to be a knockout. No pressure

Marketers strive to have their content displayed on Google’s first page of search results. Forbes says the content landscape is changing dramatically, making those 500-word blogs you’ve diligently posted every week less likely to connect. Pivoting from blogs to definitive guides is the answer for anyone hoping to make a bigger impact on search.

4 tried-and-true lead-gen techniques

Lead generation is B2B marketing gold because it’s easier to track effectiveness and prove it in those pesky quarterly reviews. What’s more, one or two solid conversions can justify an entire campaign. Business-to-Community outlines four must-have digital marketing strategies for any lead gen campaign.

It’s time to #KonMari your marketing toolkit

Tidying enthusiast Marie Kondo is the sensation of 2019, and the Clickz digital marketing community has applied some of her most effective lessons to the marketer’s toolkit. Here’s how to put all your tricks into a big pile and make some decisions on what’s worked and what hasn’t. Be ruthless. Be joyful.