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Seize opportunities with bottom-of-the-funnel content

Content marketing generates awareness about your products and builds relationships with the audience, but data shows that marketers tend to create more top-of-the-funnel content. Content Standard elaborates on the importance of creating content for different points in the buyer’s journey, particularly when it’s time to close the deal.

Infographic: How sales and marketing vie for the throne

Apparently, the divide between your sales and marketing teams is a lot like the Stark-Lannister rivalry in Game of Thrones — except yours (we hope) is less likely to result in bloodshed. The Pardot blog shares an illuminating infographic about how these two departments clash in their fight for the throne.

Common B2B email marketing questions answered

Are my emails going to spam? Can I use an old email list? PracticalEcommerce answers five frequently-asked questions from B2C and B2B marketers. If you’re less savvy in the email marketing department, this is a good place to start.

Consumers are split on their use of algorithms

As artificial intelligence algorithms pervade different aspects of modern life, consumers are torn between using algorithms to inform decisions and avoiding them altogether. Fast Company explores the new digital divide and explains how companies can bridge the gap.