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Should I start a podcast for my B2B company?

Unless your head is buried in the sand, you’ve heard the hype around podcasts, and you might even listen to a few yourself. But does your B2B company need one? This article in CMS Wire has some questions to ask yourself before starting a B2B podcast.

The power of video

Videos are a powerful marketing tool due to their visual nature, and research has shown 65 per cent of viewers will visit a product website after viewing a video. Due to the average viewer’s short attention span, it’s essential to create an engaging story. Business 2 Community has some key points to consider when creating videos for your business.

How to avoid decision fatigue

The average adult makes around 35,000 decisions per day, ranging from simple things (“What’s for breakfast?”) to extremely stressful ones (”Should my business move ahead with this merger?”). All of these choices and decisions can wear us down, leading to what’s known as decision fatigue. Inc.com has some tips to help you avoid decision fatigue and burnout.

The return of ‘Old Spice guy’

From the ridiculous “I’m on a horse” line to the classic whistle tune, most of us remember the iconic “Old Spice guy” commercial from Super Bowl 2010, which doubled sales for Old Spice that year. Now in 2020, Isaiah Mustafa is back, but does his return measure up to the nostalgia of the classic ad? Watch the video at Fast Company and see for yourself.