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Key ABM go-to-market tips for B2B marketers

To always keep your account-based marketing (ABM) go-to-market goals in your sights, MarTech recommends A) making sure your strategy is cross-functional and B) spreading out responsibilities across functions, departments, and systems.

How will marketing events shift in 2023?

As the new year approaches, marketers and event coordinators are thinking up ways to refresh the traditional approach to conferences and events. Demand Gen Report shares a few ideas, like campfire presentations, where the speaker invites discussion from the audience after a standalone talk.

Infographic tips for LinkedIn company pages

Based on an analysis of 10,000 LinkedIn posts, this infographic outlines several best practices for your company page. For better results, PR Daily recommends posting at a cadence of 5 times per week, posting more personal stories, and mixing content formats.

Why is transparent marketing important?

A transparent approach to marketing builds trust with customers and partners, strengthens customer loyalty, and decreases costs by attracting repeat business. Forbes explains the importance of transparency in more detail.