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Leveraging UGC for B2B

The success of UGC, or user-generated content, has been proven in B2C. From customer reviews to tutorial videos, Influencer Marketing Hub looks at the advantages of UGC for a B2B brand, spanning authenticity, greater engagement, and amplifying brand voice.

Rethinking micro-targeting

MarketingProfs takes the stance that “segmentation, as we know it, is dead,” saying that marketers need to find better ways of creating engagement. As well as embracing algorithms and leaning on data, it talks about the impact of captivating content.

What’s hindering creativity in B2B marketing?

For MarTech, it’s a case of misaligned measurement. As it says, “While B2B deals with leadership mindsets that make creativity difficult, that is only part of the problem. Most of the problem is that marketing success is measured by outcomes that have nothing to do with how advertising works.”

Using PPC campaigns to generate more leads

Search Engine Land looks at five paid search lead gen strategies B2B brands can use this year. They span hyper-personalization using first-party data, engaging prospects with interactive content, and using video to level up your efforts.

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