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B2B storytelling basics, explained

We write a lot of content for our B2B clients, and the approach varies depending on the niche product or service we’re promoting. That said, we use a set of core principles to guide our B2B writing — from knowing the audience to giving them useful information (as opposed to a sales pitch) — and Forbes sums them up nicely.

Search engine link valuation insights

How does Google rank links in 2019? Moz has 20 different flowcharts and graphics to explain the various principles behind link valuation.

67 years of laffs, yuk-yuks and advertising satire

In its rich 67-year history, MAD Magazine had a massive influence on the evolution of advertising and the way consumers view ads — mainly by relentlessly lampooning the industry. AdAge pays a brief tribute to the comedy publication.

Add more cats to your B2B marketing

Yes, you read that right: Webbiquity makes a case for working cat memes into your B2B content. You can replace “cats” with almost anything that has widespread emotional appeal and viral potential — the point is to create something memorable using cuteness, humour and positive vibes.