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These B2B influencers are crushing it on LinkedIn

LinkedIn accounts for a huge proportion of B2B social media leads. If you’re able to combine your message with a high-visibility influencer, the networking platform has potential to boost your numbers significantly. Business2Community shares eight examples of top influencers and how they excel at LinkedIn B2B marketing.

Marketers: Let your voices carry to the C-suite

Are you having trouble communicating the value of your marketing efforts to company leaders? You know your budget makes a big difference to the firm, so Marketing Week explains how you can prove your marketing objectives align with the C-suite’s wider business goals.

Rethinking the old video marketing standards

The old approach to video marketing lacks strategy, consistent analysis and promotional activity — in other words, you can’t just shoot a cool video and expect it to perform on its own merits anymore. Content Marketing Institute introduces five new rules to help your video marketing efforts evolve.

Project brand authenticity on social media

The relationship between marketing and social media doesn’t always feel natural in B2B, and it can be difficult to know how your brand should present itself online. Hootsuite shares four ways your company can project an image of authenticity on social media.