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How to make an impact with personalized B2B campaigns

Personalization is an underutilized tactic in B2B marketing, according to MarketingProfs. It shares tips to ensure your personalization efforts have the potential to improve conversion rates, strengthen your relationships with potential buyers, and increase retention rates.

Why emotional connections are a must in B2B ads

B2B buyers are people too, and the Kantar blog says it’s time for people to see how B2B advertising can be “creative, bold, imaginative, and memorable.” It explains why emotional resonance is so important in promoting engagement in your digital ads.

3 must-haves in B2B marketing tech

To make the most of your B2B marketing technology, the Accuracast blog recommends learning about the psychology of B2B purchases, tailoring tracking and analytics tools to your needs, and scaling your technology with AI.

Combating change fatigue in content marketing

With all the change going on in other areas of the industry, marketers are understandably reluctant to update their content strategy. Content Marketing Institute shares some tips on overcoming that risk aversion to create content that really stands out from the crowd.

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