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A discussion about data

After noting that a 2022 study revealed that 37% of brands used exclusively first-party data to personalize customer experience (up from 31% in 2021), Fast Company talks about first-party data becoming the “premium” data to have, and encourages B2B organizations to implement a solution to capture it so they don’t fall behind.

Adweek’s B2B winners

This week, Adweek presented its first annual B2B Innovation Awards. If there’s a good place to see what others in the B2B industry are doing and how it's moving, this is it. Adweek says, “...B2B marketers are increasingly shaking off the notion that their style of marketing is staid and risk-averse. What we’ve found is they are wildly inventive, innovating at scale, transforming their industry and setting the tone for their B2C counterparts.”

A stat worth thinking about

According to Insider Intelligence, B2B digital ad spend has slowed since the pandemic. It continues to share that B2B digital advertisers will target social media in a bid to capture the younger B2B buyer and that almost half of US B2B digital ad spend will go on mobile this year.

A framework for lead generation success

After stating that revenue through Google Ads is complex with no universal solution, Search Engine Land shares a six-step framework to optimize high-quality leads. It starts with internal alignment on business goals and progresses to generating demand through diversification.

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