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What did successful B2B marketers do in 2019?

Need some help refining your B2B marketing goals for 2020? Content Marketing Institute analyzes some research about B2B marketers, their goals and how much they achieved this year. They also highlight some key differences between the top-performing marketers and the group at large.

How tech influences B2B marketing

B2B marketing is constantly being shaped by emerging technology, but what does that actually mean for marketers? Mark Lives explains why maximizing the quality of B2B tech is better than going all-in on sheer quantity.

SEO tips for voice search

More people are doing voice searches on their cell phones or smart home speakers. Do marketers need to change their SEO approach to match this trend? Webbiquity discusses the rise of voice search, how it’s used and how marketers can optimize their strategies for that particular technology.

Skimmers are readers too

As much as we love to imagine readers hanging on to our every word, skimmers are out there, too! Search Engine Journal explains how to bring out the highlights of your content for people who skim.