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Taking personalization to the next level

At the start of the year, we talked about personalization, how it’s remained an important part of content, and how it’s set to evolve. MarTech outlines three strategies B2B organizations can apply to their emails, including data segmentation, dynamic content, and harnessing behavioural triggers.

Prioritize performance branding for a more balanced approach

While lead generation is often seen as the main goal in B2B marketing, The Drum makes a case for performance branding, sharing stats that show a shift from B2B marketers towards more balance, with lead generation receiving the highest share of B2B budget allocation (36%), followed by brand building (30%) and demand generation (20%).

Make an impact with these storytelling tips

For a while, it seemed all anyone could talk about was AI. However, storytelling tips like these from Fast Company are a reminder that we’re in the business of speaking with and to humans. From changing your mindset to using different mediums, it outlines how B2B companies can best use storytelling to make an impact.

Using B2C strategies as a B2B business

Because of the nature of B2B brands, it’s sometimes hard to make your products and services exciting. Forbes explores how B2B brands can look to B2C's seasonal excitement to elevate and expand their own presence during the holiday period.

Make your content go further

Read our guide on repurposing content with purpose.