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3 ways B2B marketers can introduce regenerative AI

As talk around AI and how to ethically and effectively integrate it into marketing efforts becomes more commonplace, MarTech shares how B2Bs can use regenerative AI in keyword research, content development, and data analysis.

How B2B brands can win a younger audience

With Millennials and Gen Z now comprising almost two-thirds of B2B buyers, it’s increasingly important for B2B firms to start appealing to younger demographics. Forrester discusses the characteristics of these buyers, how they are impacting routes to market, and what that means for brands.

Ways B2B organizations can navigate fierce competition

As growth becomes more competitive, and business buyers increasingly harder to please, Forbes encourages B2B organizations not to panic, but instead center leadership, strategy, and operations around your customers.

Staying on top of changes at Google

In the face of Google’s advertising revenue shrinking for the second consecutive quarter and the company betting on new areas like short-form video and AI, MarketingDive outlines what brands need to know about what's changing.