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Demand generation tech to consider for B2B

Based on last year’s marketing trends, Business2Community came up with a list of services B2B companies should consider in order to lighten their workloads, conserve resources, and build demand in 2018. Give it a read for some marketing tech inspiration.

Pardot explains why your emails are going to spam

Email marketing comes with a set of complex, sometimes convoluted underlying processes that determine whether your content ends up in spam or in front of your intended audience. This Pardot blog explains why the email sending process is a little bit like a postal service run by teenagers — and what that means for your outbound email campaigns.

Don’t bore us; get to the chorus

As attention spans dwindle among social media scrollers, marketers are scrambling to optimize video content and length to keep their audiences tuned in. HubSpot has it down to a science: read their handy infographic to learn the ideal video lengths for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Anatomy of a popular tweet

Want to know the secrets to stepping up your Twitter game? Hootsuite dissects the key elements of a high-performing tweet, including the timing, image, tags, and copy.