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Cure sleepless nights with these marketing tips

If you’re the type to stay up late pondering the mysteries of the marketing universe, well, you’re more dedicated than most. Forbes feels your pain. Check out their advice on three common conundrums that keep marketers from getting their hard-earned shuteye.

Infographic: Cheat your way to a successful explainer video

Explainer videos can entertain, inform and persuade your audience with the right approach. MarketingProfs shares a comprehensive cheat sheet (in infographic form) to help you tick all the boxes you’ll need to create a killer video.

Creative wisdom from a Pixar animator

The co-creator of movies like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and other big hits got together with Content Marketing Institute to discuss the creative process, the spine of a good story, and helping marketing professionals cultivate a creative culture in the workplace. Read on for some in-depth inspiration.