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4 ways to use mobile video in B2B marketing

Mobile video may seem like an alien concept in B2B marketing, but research shows smartphone users are spending a large majority of their mobile data on video streaming. AdWeek explains why you shouldn’t overlook digital media and shares four tips to make the most of your mobile video marketing efforts.

Getting your hands dirty with SEO meta tags

Meta tags provide vital data about your webpage to search engines and visitors, but there’s an art to making sure they’re done right. Search Engine Watch gets down to brass tacks about the importance of meta tags and provides a brief guide on making them work for you.

More brands looking to Instagram as a social platform

As Facebook continues to take flak for, well, a variety of reasons at this point, more social media users are flocking to Instagram to get their kicks. Hootsuite explores the social app as an option for brands in search of a more dynamic visual platform to engage with their audience.

Make the CFO your BFF

Have a hard time reconciling your budgeting woes with your marketing aspirations? B2B Marketing explains how you can buddy up with your CFO to make your sky’s-the-limit marketing dreams come true (or at least improve collaboration between the two of you).