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Leverage long-term thinking

While short-term campaigns and marketing efforts can be about immediate results and revenue, the lasting impact is questionable. Forbes encourages B2B businesses to think long-term by outlining marketing areas that deserve continued investment.

Using neuroscience to improve B2B creative

Inspired by the misconception that B2B isn’t where you find the best creative work, The Drum explores how neuroscience techniques can be introduced to properly test creative ideas and gauge which ones work best.

A change for B2B buyers

A new report exploring the current state of B2B purchasing has found that over 60% of B2B buyers wish online purchasing was more entertaining. Digital Commerce 360 covers the other insights and what that means for businesses.

A focus on meaningful customer engagement

MarTech shares why, for B2B businesses, driving demand isn’t enough. To achieve growth, brands should be looking across the full spectrum of the customer lifecycle.